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Systems Integration
We can integrate new applications with your existing systems. This may sometimes involve direct transfer of data to the new systems' database or coding to join both systems using an Application Programming Interface (API) provided by the new system.

  • Some reasons for Systems Integration:
  • Your ERP/CRM system needs to communicates with other software.
  • Multiple applications do not work with one another.
  • Your website may need to link with your backend systems.
  • Duplicate data exists across multiple applications.

Whether it is your new CRM/ERM system, accounts package, payroll or time recording system, Gaelic Software can seamlessly integrate it.

Data Migration
We have much experience in moving legacy data to new ERP or CRM systems. Of course, it is never a one-to-one match when transferring data across. Both the old and new systems need to be understood, key business data identified, formatted and then transferred to your new system.

Gaelic Software can migrate your data from your old business applications to your new system with minimum fuss and with no important data being lost.

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