Software Development
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We have the knowledge, expertise and skills to develop software that is specific to your needs and which will help you achieve your business goals. From basic enhancements to a full solution, desktop, mobile and web applications can be delivered to you, professionally, on time and within budget.

Gaelic Software can deliver bespoke applications or provide outsourced resources to work within your software development team.

Full-Stack Software Development
With our knowledge and experience, we design and develop user-friendly interfaces, business logic at the core and the database structures required to store your data.

Gaelic Software develops complete front to back-end software solutions.

Software Development Life Cycle Methodologies (SDLC)
Waterfall or Agile? We can work with either methodology, a combination of the two or others such as V-Model, Spiral etc. Both Waterfall and Agile have pros and cons, so with our extensive experience, we can suggest what is the best fit for you. If the working environment in your organisation is already aligned to a particular methodology, we can work with that too.

Gaelic Software works with the SDLC methodology that best suits your business and your requirements.

Languages, Databases & Frameworks
C#/VB.NET, HTML/CSS, ASP.NET, JavaScript, ADO.NET, Ajax, MS SQL Server, MS Access, DBase, MVC, CSLA, Entity and Scrum.

Gaelic Software works with most leading Microsoft-related frameworks, platforms & technologies.

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